the idea

Searching for a rush and devoting oneself to something that isn’t related to duties, problems or struggle for life, has always been part of human nature. Dancing is one of many possibilities to transfer oneself into an exhilarating and intoxicating state, to Dance Like Never Before. The wonderful thing is, it is guaranteed drug-free and if desired, alcohol-free. We will just let our bodies and our endorphins do the work.


The music we offer is mostly rhythm, vibration and swinging. We make a point of live music, played on analogue instruments, of which the waves continue directly in our bodies. Music like that automatically leads the body to resonate and dance in step and eventually a transfigured smile will appear on everyone’s faces.
‘It’ dances with us and things like status, audience, origin or labels will lose their meaning.

Percussion instruments like drums sound a note in us that belongs to a universal knowledge. Our body, mind and soul remember something primary, something that connects all humans, no matter which culture or race.
Our mind is delighted by the gain of new awareness, which is possible through contact with other cultures.
The body grounds itself and finds its natural balance.
The soul is energized through the high energy, which a group of good-humoured, dancing and music-making people produce.

Even dance-grouches can enjoy it. You can also bop along while sitting and be a part of the energy.


The ambiance is very important, that is why we chose the beautiful Lorzensaal. It is a room with high ceilings and a dome light, through which daylight enters the room. The room also has a generous architecture, high windows, adequate seating to pause, and listen, and more quite corners to chat and rest.
Furthermore, the ‘Lorzensaal’ is only 5 minutes from the highway exit ‘Cham’ as well as only 5 minutes by foot from the SBB train station ‘Cham Bahnhof’. It is located in the middle of Cham ZG, within close distance of the ZVB bus lines, and has it’s own parking deck as well as several other parking decks nearby. The lake of Zug and the beautiful ‘Vilette-Park’ are also at close quarters.


Suitable to the style of music of the respective event, we offer traditional delicacies and drinks from the countries of origin of the musicians. The appetisers will be prepared on site by cooks whose families have passed down the secrets of their national cuisine over generations.

Be excited for a sensation of vacation for your taste buds and for super food from all over the world. Furthermore there will be a selection of refreshing beverages, beer, wine and coffee.


There are already enough events in the evenings. But on Sunday afternoons, many people have time and are in the mood for relaxation and alternation. We promise you a mini-vacation with recreational value which will accompany you the following workweek and even longer.


There are also already enough events for the young partygoers. We don’t begrudge it to them. But with ‘dancing like never before’ we want to address people that have already tried several forms of the dance of life.
You are in the mood for new experiences and are interested in the treasures of other cultures. It is important to you that the total package is fitting; a fine and classy ambience, enriching encounters and touching music.