This series of events is an experiment. We want to know if it is possible to bring together a community of dance enthusiasts who want to experience Dance, Lust for Life, Internationality and Culinary Art on a Sunday afternoon in the Lorzensaal.
We look back on the first two events with joy and gratefulness. We had a great atmosphere, a high energy level and many friendly guests who let themselves be electrified.
The Lorzensaal presented itself at its best.

27th of January 2019 | Brazil – Feminine and Strong

Batukera means concentrated female power, enthusiasm and temperament. A dozen of women form a percussion-group and with that, are great examples of present-day times: 
Modern people from many different cultures, ages, 
and with different plans for their lives [...]

28th of October 2018 | Senegal – Pure sun

«Original Energy» is their motto! SAF SAP New Generation spark the African fire in everyone during their performance and no one is able to sit still anymore. The musicians are originally from Mbour, which lies on the Atlantic [...]