We want to bring a fulminant (and temporary) conclusion to this series of Events with the whole spectrum, from light-hearted ballades to sharp rhythms.

Tanzenwienochnie - Sri Lanka - Soul Image - Musiker


We were able to thrill Singhalese musicians from Sri Lanka, who have lived in Switzerland for many years, with the Idea ‘Dancing like Never Before’.
Through their music, they stay connected with their roots. They grant us a deep insight into their soul with their playing.
We are very much looking forward to Soul Image who play the typical Sri Lankan music style, Baila, and also to a great party with them.
The repertoire from Soul Image is so big, that they can also calm us down from our wild ride with softer tones.



Get your ticket on 
print it out at home or download it
on your phone and be there on the 30th of June 2019 
in the Lorzensaal!

Single admission CHF 30.-
Minimum age 16


Tickets for single admission can also be purchased on site on June 30, 2019 for CHF 35.- from 1:30 pm on.

Lorzensaal Cham Tanzenwienochnie


Lorzensaal Cham
one of the most beautiful locations in Switzerland
(Swiss location price 2017)
How to get there

Tanzenwienochnie - Sri Lanka - culinary - curry

culinary offer

Finger food from Sri Lanka

Tanzenwienochnie - Sri Lanka - bazar - Buddha


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