It is possible, that the afro rhythms developed to distract the people from their hard work under the burning sun. One person beat the drums and the rest worked to that beat.
The pace stayed the same, the labour was easier to manage and it was almost fun.
We can still see this effect now, when a group of drummers play together. We tune to their beat, go with the rhythm and feel how the joy spreads.
On this Sunday afternoon, we can get a whiff of the world of Senegal, a country full of sun and embers. We can feel the vibrations, taste their food and refresh ourselves with typical beverages. And if up to now, you thought men that dance are ridiculous, you can learn something new here. The musicians from SAF SAP New Generation move like predators, feline, masculine and with a breath-taking physical presence.

SAF SAP New Generation


«Original Energy» is their motto!
SAF SAP New Generation spark the African fire in everyone during their performance and no one is able to sit still anymore.
The musicians are originally from Mbour, which lies on the Atlantic coast of Senegal. Their goal is to continue their families’ musical legacies.
They have been living in Switzerland for a long time and in this time had many successful concerts all over Europe.
Besides their concerts, they also hold Diembé and dance workshops.
They teach 
the African kids dancing group COOLKIDZ in Zürich.
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on your phone and be there on the 28th of October 
2018 in the Lorzensaal!

Single admission CHF 25.-

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Tickets can be purchased on site starting 1:30 pm.



Lorzensaal Cham
one of the most beautiful locations in Switzerland
(Swiss location price 2017)
How to get there


Culinary offer

Samosa, skewers with sauce, sweet Beignets, Cake,
Bissap- and Ginger juice, Bao drinks



Jewellery and arts and crafts from Senegal
, Holidays in Senegal

Boris Speissegger

DJ Boris

Between the live sessions
from SAF SAP New Generation DJ Boris opens his fund
at musical treasures
from Africa.