SAF SAP New Generation

«Original Energy» is their motto!
SAF SAP New Generation spark the African fire in everyone during their performance and no one is able to sit still anymore.
The musicians are originally from Mbour, which lies on the Atlantic coast of Senegal. Their goal is to continue their families’ musical legacies.
They have been living in Switzerland for a long time and in this time had many successful concerts all over Europe.
Besides their concerts, they also hold Diembé and dance workshops.
They teach 
the African kids dancing group COOLKIDZ in Zürich.
SAF-SAP on Facebook.

In the beginning, only a short warm-up was planned. By dancing, a musician should animate the guests so that they could overcome their inhibitions and sink into the rhythm.
But then, Patrick Juvet outgrew himself and has, within minutes, cast a spell over everyone. In no time, the high energy that would electrify everyone had appeared. It seemed like many guests have really danced like never before. We are truly happy that our aim has been manifested.

After calmer passages with the Kora (west African harp), the musicians have let the pace and intensity of the music rise again and again, and like that created a room for a special music and dance experience.

DJ Boris has, with wonderful African sounds, continued to spin the thread and made sure that the guests and musicians could recover a bit but still stay in the beautiful vibrancy.

Sandra, Rebecca and Esther have spoiled us with typical west African delicacies and contributed with their culinary specialties to the overall experience.

At the bazaar, plenty of colourful bags, jewellery and pillows were presented as well as a lot of trivia and knowledge.

Thank you very much to all the guests, helpers, exhibitors and musicians to help make this event wonderful.
A special thank you to Iris Eigenmann and Nathan Beduhn for the wonderful pictures.