When people meet who don’t speak the same language, when gestures and body language are unclear, it is important to find a common denominator. A smile is a smile all around the world. Every culture on the planet can understand a rhythmic beat. 
A smile and a rhythm may be the smallest common denominator with which a connection between two people can be formed.
Smiling, lust for life and rhythm are also the ingredients for our Sunday afternoons with the motto ‘Dancing like never before’.
Zug is home to people from 130 nations around the world. We can’t imagine a better place to celebrate this diversity. The host country on this Sunday afternoon will be Brazil. Brazil epitomizes a mixture of ethnics and nationalities. Brazil is much more than just Samba, it is a whole world. 
We will take a breath from this spectrum and from this incredible selection of possibilities.

Tanzenwienochnie - Brazil - Zussamba - Musicians


Fire, passion and exuberantly joyful energy – ZUSSAMBA
They are a multitudinous Batucada from Zurich, who, in their music, connect Afro with Samba. ZUSSAMBA!
With their moving drumbeats and dramatic choreography, 
they can cast a spell over their audience. Rhythm as melody.
 Pounding base drums lie a rhythmic carpet on which the clear voices of the Repique can unfold. 
ZUSSAMBA preferably plays on the ground to stay in close contact with their audience. With this, they create a platform for individual and collective ecstasy.
Here you can find the current video of Zussamba.



Get your ticket on 
print it out at home or download it
on your phone and be there on the 28th of April 2019 
in the Lorzensaal!

Single admission CHF 30.-
Minimum age 16


Tickets for single admission can also be purchased on site on April 28, 2019, from 1:30 pm on.

Lorzensaal Cham Tanzenwienochnie


Lorzensaal Cham
one of the most beautiful locations in Switzerland
(Swiss location price 2017)
How to get there

Tanzenwienochnie - Brazil - Culinary - Smile

culinary offer

Brasilian fingerfood and Caipirinha

Tanzenwienochnie - Brazil - bazaar - smile


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Tanzenwienochnie - Music - DJ Boris

DJ Boris

Between the live sessions DJ Boris inspires us
with pearls from his
big music collection.