In Brazil, the drummers are always men and the women dance to the music, scantily dressed and adorned with feathers.
We want to clean up these old stereotypes this Sunday afternoon.
The drummers are very attractive women and scantily dressed are only the guests that get hot while dancing.

Tanzenwienochnie - Brasilien - Batukera - Musikerinnen


means concentrated female power, enthusiasm and temperament.
A dozen of women form a percussion-group and with that, are great
examples of present-day times: 
Modern people from many different
cultures, ages, 
and with different plans for their lives get together 
to a harmonic sound and rhythm.
Gecy Marty is originally from Brazil and proves true leadership with her guidance of this attractive all-women group.
Batukera elates, touches, enchants and moves people.

Batukera gets reinforcements for the performance in Lorzensaal with a well-known reputation. We are excited to announce the singers Simone Santos
and Dandara, who expand the spectrum of Batukera with a new dimension.

Simone Santos (left), known from Montreux Jazz Festival, looking back on a successful and international carreer as a singer, composer and violonist.
She is taking us on a journey to the roots of traditional brasilian popular music.

Dandara (right), uses her poetic, powerful and tropical voice as an
instrument flirting with jazz and American groove.
She is a representative of “pop experimental Brasilian”.
Article in culture magazine 041: concert in Gleis 5



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Minimum age 16


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Lorzensaal Cham Tanzenwienochnie


Lorzensaal Cham
one of the most beautiful locations in Switzerland
(Swiss location award 2017)
How to get there

culinary offer

Pão de Queijo (with manioc), Coxinha de Frango, Risole de Carne, Quibe, Brigadeiro, Beijinho de Coco, Caipirinha

Tanzenwienochnie - Brasilien - bazar - grafiti


We are presenting the childcare project Operation Rescue.

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Tanzenwienochnie - Music - DJ Boris

DJ Boris

So that the musicians
can catch their breath,
DJ Boris will play finest sounds
from South America in between
 the live sets.