Tanzenwienochnie - Brasilien - Batukera - Musikerinnen

means concentrated female power, enthusiasm and temperament.
A dozen of women form a percussion-group and with that, are great
examples of present-day times: 
Modern people from many different
cultures, ages, 
and with different plans for their lives get together 
to a harmonic sound and rhythm.
Gecy Marty is originally from Brazil and proves true leadership with her guidance of this attractive all-women group.
Batukera elates, touches, enchants and moves people.

Batukera got reinforcement for the performance in Lorzensaal with a well-known reputation. The singer Simone Santos expands the spectrum of Batukera with a new dimension.

Simone Santos, known from Montreux Jazz Festival, looking back on a successful and international carreer as a singer, composer and violonist.
She is taking us on a journey to the roots of traditional brasilian popular music.

When it starts to get cold, wet and hazy outside and the Lorzensaal starts to vibrate on the inside,
when people from a variety of ages and origins come together to have fun and dance,
when a few talented dancers demonstrate a step sequence and half of the hall follows them easily….

… Then, Batukera are at work, they fire up the atmosphere, let the energy rise and fully devote themselves to their play.
Then, Simone Santos is singing with all her heart and harmonizes perfectly with the percussion instruments.
Then, the Lorzensaal is gleaming in the afternoon sun and almost resembles a cathedral.
Then, the colours of the decoration are yellow, green and blue, just like in Brazil.
Then, the guests fall into vacation mode.
Here in Cham, in the canton of Zug.
On Sunday afternoon, end of January 2019.

We are delighted about the successful second round of our series of events and are fulfilled by the hearing, dancing, tasting and bouncing.
The Salgados were delicious, a warm thank you to Francy and her team.
The Caipirinhas tasted exquisite, well done Cat and Marco at the Bar.
The Music from Boris’ collection suited the theme and the atmosphere perfectly.
Thank you to Christina Teixeira for coming and for her account of the Operation Rescue.
Again, the aides from the association “Tanzen wie noch nie” outdid themselves.
Thank you to Batukera for taking us on this journey through their soundscapes.
Thank you to all our guests who bring us joy and motivate us with their coming and active participating.