Cuban music describes the love affair between a Spanish guitar and an African drum.
Its origin dates back to the conquerors of Cuba, whose African slaves brought drums with them.
The traditional Cuban music has a lot to do with nostalgia and with the pre-revolutionary Cuba of the 1950’s. It reminds us of a picture with big cigars and terribly long American cars. And it tells us a story of the age-long fight of the Cubans for self-determination and independence.
But Cuba is also the island of sugar and sugar cane, one of their most important export product. On this Sunday afternoon, we can taste the Sweetness of Cuba with all of our senses.

Tanzenwienochnie - Cuba - Musicians Azucar


The musicians of AZÚCAR (Eng. „sugar“) were born on Cuba and 
carry the legacy of traditional Cuban music, as we know from
Buena Vista Social Club.
AZÚCAR have given the traditional Cuban music a new sound 
by arranging it in a new way.
No one can sit still to this lively music. 
The rhythm of the music is so intoxicating, the lust for life so catching, the texts so lively that not only people that dance, but also people 
that like to listen, can enjoy every minute. 
This is the newest music video of AZÚCAR.



Get your ticket on 
print it out at home or download it
on your phone and be there on the 24th of February 2019 
in the Lorzensaal!

Single admission CHF 30.-
Discounts for groups of 5 and more upon request
Minimum age 16


Tickets for single admission
can also be purchased on site
on February 24, 2019
from 1.30 p.m. on.

Lorzensaal Cham Tanzenwienochnie


Lorzensaal Cham
one of the most beautiful locations in Switzerland
(Swiss location price 2017)
How to get there

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Culinary offer

Tamales, Pan con carne puerco, Queso con Dulce de Guayaba, Cake caribeno


In our „Cubano bar“ we serve Mojitos, Cuba Libres and Canchancharas.

We also present a relief agency for children, called Camaquito . Donate now: send an SMS with “GO HAVANNA” and the amount (1-100) to number 488. Your full donation will go to Camaquito except administrative costs of 4,5%.