Tanzenwienochnie - Cuba - Musicians Azucar

The musicians of AZÚCAR (Eng. „sugar“) were born on Cuba and 
carry the legacy of traditional Cuban music, as we know from
Buena Vista Social Club.
AZÚCAR have given the traditional Cuban music a new sound 
by arranging it in a new way.
No one can sit still to this lively music. 
The rhythm of the music is so intoxicating, the lust for life so catching, the texts so lively that not only people that dance, but also people 
that like to listen, can enjoy every minute. 
This is the newest music video of AZÚCAR.

Outside, the sun was shining, inside we had a sunny atmosphere. Our guests, who showed that they were true dance enthusiasts, didn’t let themselves be stopped to indulge in their favourite hobby as they were dancing to their hearts content.
Azùcar have thrilled and inspired us, they have animated and infected us with their Caribbean zest for life.
Many guests were singing loudly with the music while they were dancing. No organizer could imagine anything more beautiful than that.
At the end of the afternoon we could see many heated but happy faces. Our guests left the Lorzensaal with an elated walk and radiant eyes.
Thank you to Nathan Bedhun for the wonderful pictures. You truly have an eye for the special optic.
A special thank you to all the helpers of the “Tanzen wie noch nie” association. Even though they didn’t dance, they still had to break a sweat.
Thank you to Valérie and Sandra for the Cuban delicacies which we were able to taste.
Thank you to the delegation of Camaquito, who sacrificed their Sunday for the good cause of Cuban children.
And of course, thank you to all our guests, who showed us their interest in “Tanzen wie noch nie” when they came, and who bestowed us with yet another growth of admissions.
This was the third round out of six. In 2 weeks, our series will continue. The motto will be: “Senegal – Untroubled like Children”.