African children don’t need courses to learn the typical rhythms and moves. They receive it both from their mother’s breasts.

The African dance often imitates the animals that share their natural habitats with humans. The dangling of the elephant’s trunk, the long neck of the giraffe when it tears off the leaves from the trees, the rollicking of small monkeys, the dominant bearing of the lions, the sneaky, elegant walk of predators all flow into the dancing and the music. We can be a part of this fascinating and exotic world and we can be carried and intoxicated by the African drums.

For this event we will, after we had many requests by parents, for the first time welcome both young and old. What is completely normal in many traditional cultures, is in our latitude more of an experiment. Against all marketing strategies, our target audience includes now every age, from 0 to 100. Everybody can join us, we are full of enthusiasm and certain that this experiment will be a big success.

Children are often fascinated by the force of drums and let themselves be infected by the high energy even more than grown-ups. But, after a while it can become a little too much for them and they will need another focus. For this reason, we also offer child care for kids from 0 to 12. We are grateful that we can count on the support of Minikita Zug (link to their website) to take care of the children.
The management of the Lorzensaal offered us the Seesaal, a room in the same building as the Lorzensaal, which we can use for the child care. There, parents and their children can take a break for a little while, or parents can leave their young ones with the carers, to go dancing on their own. For older kids, we will set up an area to play and draw in the foyer of the Lorzensaal.

Tanzenwienochnie - Senegal - kids - musicians


What is commonplace in Senegal and what every kid
 has practised there,
SAF SAP New Generation brought to Zurich.
 They teach a group of kids in dancing and percussion. 
We are very excited for a performance of COOLKIDZ and remember the light-heartedness and effortlessness 
with which children can learn movement, rhythm and expression. 
“Original Energy” is the motto of SAF SAP New Generation.
 The African music and its fire send us into transports of joy
 this Sunday afternoon, which will allow us to be like kids again.
SAF SAP New Generation auf Facebook.
We are happy to anounce again Patrick Juvet Baka as a pacemaker. Those guests who attended last October know what it means: Juvet delights us with an incredible show and our guests are part of it.



Get your ticket on 
print it out at home or download it
on your phone and be there on the 10th of March 2019 
in the Lorzensaal!


Single admission above age of 16:
CHF 30.-
Single admission between 12 and 16:
CHF 10.-
Single admission below age 12:
CHF 5.-

Tickets for single admission
can also be purchased on site on
March 10, 2019 for CHF 35.- from
1.30 p.m. on.

Lorzensaal Cham Tanzenwienochnie


Lorzensaal Cham
one of the most beautiful locations in Switzerland
(Swiss location price 2017)
How to get there

Tanzenwienochnie - Senegal - culinary - bananas

culinary offer

Samosa, Chicken Wings with sauce, sweet Beignets, Cake,

Bissap- and Ginger juice

Tanzenwienochnie - Senegal - bazaar - bus


Jewelry and handicrafts from Senegal, Holidays in Senegal

Tanzenwienochnie - Music - DJ Boris

DJ Boris

Between the live sets of
SAF SAP New Generation and
 COOLKIDZ, DJ Boriswill play us goodies from his
comprehensive music collection.