Tanzenwienochnie - Senegal - kids - musicians

What is commonplace in Senegal and what every kid
 has practised there,
SAF SAP New Generation brought to Zurich.
 They teach a group of kids in dancing and percussion. 
We are very excited for a performance of COOLKIDZ and remember the light-heartedness and effortlessness 
with which children can learn movement, rhythm and expression. 

The smallest were the stars on this Sunday afternoon. When Coolkidz marched into the hall behind Famara Manafa and got in formation, it brought a lot of joy to the guests and organizers hearts. The kids skilfully absorbed the rhythm of SAF SAP New Generation and danced, clapped and drummed. What a wonderful way to introduce kids to a new culture and to train their senses. Congratulations to Famara Manafa and Nago Sene for their wonderful pedagogical achievement and their intellectual engagement for the kids.
We all knew that Patrick Juvet Baka is an incredible bundle of energy from his performance last October. This time he had a sparring partner. Famara Manafa and Patrick Juvet Baka have pushed and piqued each other. All of the good mood, energy and joy of life took effect on the guests and we could see many sweaty but happy faces. SAF SAP New Generation auf Facebook.

“When you can walk, you can dance. When you can speak, you can sing.”
Those are the words of Isma Kouate, who are indeed very true but also announce a song after an African example; one person sings a passage and the choir sings after the person. Wonderful to listen to. Look at the video we linked a little bit further down.

All the Children of the guest and Coolkidz had the opportunity to draw on a long roll of paper a collective piece of art in the foyer. Additionally, the children built an almost monumental tower of Kappla pieces. The smallest guests found their care and peace in a separate room on the upper floor, so that the parents could enjoy the dancing in a carefree way.
Boris Speissegger has entertained us during the breaks from SAF SAP New Generation. And Sandra, Rebecca and Esther have catered the guests with their freshly prepared Chicken Wings, Samosas and Beignets.

The Bazar offered again a colourful array of jewellery, handmade wooden statues, traditional instruments, clothing and vacation offers.

Thank you to Nathan Beduhn for the wonderful photographic impressions that we were able to show. Thank you to the helpers of the association “tanzen wie noch nie” and for you wonderful commitment. And a special thank you to our guets for their active participation and their contribution to an easy-going Sunday afternoon.